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For over 30 years, Teague Chiropractic Office has been helping local Englewood, OH area patients relieve specific pain and ailments that they suffer from. Owner and operator, Dr. Albert Teague, is dedicated to providing patients with high quality and individualized chiropractic care to help them with pain relief and recovery. He performs adjustments with a preventative focus, concentrating on addressing the underlying causes of pain and issues as opposed to simply masking symptoms. Through communication and education, Dr. Teague will help you regain and maintain an optimal functioning level and musculoskeletal relief.

Whether you suffer from injury from an auto accident, arthritis, leg pain, carpal tunnel, feet discomfort, headaches, Sciatica or back pain, Teague Chiropractic Office is here to help you. We use chiropractic care and treatment to assist you in the recovery and relief of the pain you are suffering from. Teague Chiropractic Office can provide clients with joint pain treatment, headache treatment, shoulder pain relief neck pain relief and so much more. With a compassionate approach, we use one-on-one hands on therapy to help improve our patients health. We  ensure full body wellness and recovery.

Teague Chiropractic Office's system and therapy has a profound effect on the life of our patients, and that is our number one goal for every patient that walks through our door. From sports injury to ailments, we can help you achieve the pain relief you are desperate for. Give Teague Chiropractic Office a call to get started on your road to recovery today!

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With over 30 years of experience, Teague Chiropractic Office provides Englewood, OH residents with expert chiropractic care services. Whether you are dealing with neck, back or leg pain or seem to have…

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